Welcome to Slow Folk

Slow Business Mentorship, Inspiration & Education for Rebellious Solopreneurs & Creatives.

Why Slow Folk

You have just one wild and precious life.

Are you spending yours drowning in a sea of overwhelm, non-essential tasks, self-doubt and mindless, numbing busyness?

Is your gift - the one you are meant to share with the world - gathering dust on a shelf?

It's time to claim your calling.

Slow Folk is here to support you on your journey - to provide you with the skills, encouragement and tools to walk in your calling with courage and grace.

Is Slow Folk for you?

A community for rebellious entrepreneurs and creatives.

  • Are you a female-identifed, purpose-driven spirit, looking to build a business rooted in your values that will create an impact in the world?
  • Are you ready to ditch hustle culture and the cult of MORE for a life of less, but better?
  • Do you crave a life spent focused on the things that really matter, not buried in endless social media or your inbox?
  • Do you want to learn how to kick-ass without burning out?
  • Are you ready to Claim Your Calling and finally build a life, and a living, you actually love?

If you answered YES, the world needs you, and so do we!

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